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Moto - Super Sport
Suzuki Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R 2008
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The old bike, all blobby and amorphous with soft edges and shapeless transitions, looks obsolete parked next to the new one. The new shape is distinctly muscular. The lower fairing vents are now larger and separated by a bulging vane that floats over a contrasting bottom panel. A more severe, delta-shaped headlight replaces the old jellybean, accentuated by a pointier front fender. Integrated turn signals are housed in stylized, elongated pods, and the tailsection--a simple structure that looks especially dated on the first-gen bike--is now pinched, stretched and shaped into a gorgeous form, set off with strong swage lines that initiate on the tank and continue over the tail. The new 'Busa is aggressive and visually striking in a way the original--which was mostly just strange--never was.

Breve Informação
Referência:  HAYA2008GSX1300R   Condição:  
Placa:  abc-2008   Categoria:  Moto
Modelo:  Suzuki   Kilometragem:  
Modelo Nome:  Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R   Utilização:  
Ano:  2008   Preço de Venda:  50.000



Outros Detalhes Técnicos
Cor Exterior:     Cor Interior:  
Portas:     Velocidade Máxima:  
Tipo de Combustível:   Gasolina   Potência:  
Direção de Comboios:     Torgue:  
Motor:     Capacidade de Reboque:  
Transmissão:   Manual      

Fatores Adicionais

Sequels suck. Sure, there are exceptions, but as a general rule, second efforts almost always pale compared to the original. Was Hannibal anything more than an off-key imitation of The Silence of the Lambs? Who's thirsty for a New Coke? And what's a late-'80s Suzuki GSX600F Katana if not an utter blasphemy of Hans Muth's stunning GS1000S Katana from '82? Sequels, which are usually just a lazy attempt to exploit previous glory, are almost destined to disappoint. And the more successful the original, the more likely the second act is to let us down.

Suzuki's original GSX1300R Hayabusa was nothing if not an utter success, the bike that redefined our expectations regarding big-bore sporting performance. And the Big Bird was more than just some critic's darling: The 'Busa was a smash hit sales-wise for Suzuki too, the rare motorcycle that actually sold better as the years passed--a remarkable 10,000 units last year alone. What's more, it appealed to an impossibly wide range of enthusiasts, from gentleman sport-tourers to street-racers to boulevard-bound bling-kings.

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