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Moto - Off-Road
Kawasaki Kawasaki KLX 2008
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The robust frame KLX110 is constructed from high-tensile steel, and its race-bred bodywork and graphics will undoubtedly please young motocross fans. The compact fuel tank, seat, cool looking shrouds and number plates were all plucked from Kawasaki’ two-stroke KX™65 competition motocross machine.

The KLX110 can be customized with Authentic Kawasaki Accessories available at Kawasaki dealers

Breve Informação
Referência:  KLX   Condição:  
Placa:  KLX-2008   Categoria:  Moto
Modelo:  Kawasaki   Kilometragem:  0 km
Modelo Nome:  Kawasaki KLX   Utilização:  
Ano:  2008   Preço de Venda:  25.000


Outros Detalhes Técnicos
Cor Exterior:  Verde/Azul   Cor Interior:  
Portas:     Velocidade Máxima:  
Tipo de Combustível:   Gasolina   Potência:  
Direção de Comboios:     Torgue:  
Motor:     Capacidade de Reboque:  
Transmissão:   Manual      

Fatores Adicionais

Four-stroke power, easy handling and thrilling fun for kids of all ages

With its exceptional versatility, the KLX™110 is a big hit from young beginners mastering the art of off-road motorcycling, all the way up to adults seeking a dependable play bike. So it’s no surprise that the KLX110 is the perfect choice for exploring a favorite campground or mastering the nearest mini-moto track.

The KLX110 is motivated by a user-friendly 111cc air-cooled, two-valve, four-stroke engine that features a screw-type adjustable throttle limiter. This easily accessible item allows parents to adjust the maximum speed and power output to suit  less experienced young riders.

The engine’s tractable power is delivered to the rear knobby through an easy-shifting, semi-automatic three-speed transmission, complete with centrifugal clutch. This system allows newer riders to quickly gain confidence by focusing on the basics of steering and balance instead of throttle/clutch coordination.

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