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Moto - Super Sport
Kawasaki Z1000 2008
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Blending just the right amount of brawn and finesse

Kawasaki upped the ante in the naked bike arena with the entrance of the Z1000. Beyond its muscular torque delivery and radical styling, the Z1000 dishes out a visceral riding experience. This purpose-built Kawasaki is equally at home in the garages of both practical motorcyclists — simply seeking a smile-producing weekend ride and owners desiring a bike that doesn’t fit the norm.

This Kawasaki version of nakedness has been tuned to satisfy the most demanding musclebike riders. The Z1000 features serious low-rpm grunt courtesy of focused engine tuning and gear ratios ideally match to serious street riding. Not only does the Z1000’s 953cc four-cylinder torque curve provide low-end get-up-and-go, but the pull continues through the mid-range, giving the rider extra thrust for conquering road challenges and providing the great exhilaration expected from a liter bike.

Breve Informação
Referência:  KWSZ1000   Condição:  
Placa:  KWS-1000   Categoria:  Moto
Modelo:  Kawasaki   Kilometragem:  0 km
Modelo Nome:  Z1000   Utilização:  
Ano:  2008   Preço de Venda:  60.000


Outros Detalhes Técnicos
Cor Exterior:  Branco/Vermelho   Cor Interior:  
Portas:     Velocidade Máxima:  
Tipo de Combustível:   Gasolina   Potência:  
Direção de Comboios:     Torgue:  
Motor:     Capacidade de Reboque:  
Transmissão:   Manual      

Fatores Adicionais
Key Features
- Outstanding low and mid-range torque
- Street-oriented performance
- Comfortable and sporty riding position
- Uniquely aggressively styling

953cc Four-Cylinder, DOHC Engine
- Compact, narrow and lightweight design
- Cam profiles optimized for low-mid rpm power
- Heavy flywheel mass gives a more satisfying mid-range power feeling
- High-performance ECU maintains optimum tuning parameters
- Ultra-fine injectors and 36mm throttle bodies with oval sub-throttles deliver an ultra-smooth response across the rev-range
- Dual mufflers in a 4-2-1-2 arrangement contributes to a healthy mid-range performance, while dual-outlet muffler caps help foster the Z1000’s aggressive quad-pipe look
- Exhaust valve on the right-side muffler (just upstream of the silencer) helps “tune” back-pressure waves for enhanced response in the low-mid range
- Iridium plugs deliver a hotter spark for high combustion efficiency
- Transmission gearing complements the low-mid range torque performance
- Ball bearing shift lever and shift drum contribute to a smooth shifting with superb feel at the lever
- Clutch springs with a low spring rate equal a light clutch feel
- Lightweight radiator keeps the engine cool without adding excessive pounds

- Semi-rigid mounted engine utilized as a stressed member to provide optimal chassis flex during high performance riding
- Engine mounts located behind the cylinder, closer to the engine’s center of gravity, transmit less engine vibration to the rider for a much improved ride quality
- Pressed aluminum swingarm, swingarm bracket and engine mounts combined for a less rigid frame, allowing better chassis feedback and less engine vibration

- 41 mm inverted front fork delivers brilliant steering performance
- Fork damping rates go from smooth action at the top of the stroke to firm damping at the bottom for a comfortable feeling that makes the bike easier to ride and more adept at high performance maneuvers
- Tuned to complement the front fork, the bottom-link Uni-Trak rear suspension features a nitrogen gas charged shock with piggy back reservoir

- Radial-mount brake calipers and radial-pump front brake master cylinder offer precise brake control and superb feel at the lever - Triple petal brake discs offer better cooling and warp resistance and less unsprung weight
- A 250 mm rear disc offers abundant rear brake control

Additional Features
- Instrumentation gives at-a-glance information to the rider
- Analog-style tachometer provides quick and clear rpm data
- LCD features a digital speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, water temp, fuel gauge and clock

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